Now that the Game of Thrones is over and all that's left of the heated conversations about its last episode are eternal memes, I will look at other binge-worthy series that might interest you. You might wonder why series if it's a Forex blog. I think nobody spends 24/5 in front of their screen watching the market, it's practically impossible. So, if like me you like to stay in and watch movies in your free time you might appreciate a word or two about series that I'm fond of. Perhaps, you know some of them already. Even so, I'd encourage you to keep reading, as I've discovered a noteworthy analogy that links what we watch to the world of Forex.

Remember that time when one of my blogger colleagues wrote about recognising your trading strengths? If not, you can read it here. And if you did, let me build upon it. Being able to point out your traits, be it positive or negative, is a huge asset, but what if despite reading articles and watching coaching videos you still struggle with it? I say, do so by looking at a fictional character!

Fascinating, right? Ok, so recently I've learned that while watching series I often identify myself with the characters. We're all different when it comes to these things, and I'm not saying you feel the same way, but nevertheless, this might interest you. Imagine a scenario where you assimilate yourself with an incredibly stubborn character, and deep down, you know you are too, but you fail to admit it when others tell you about it. You can take that fictional character, analyse his/her behaviour, list things that he/she could be doing better and simply start applying some of the advice you'd give them to your own life. Sometimes it's slightly more natural to face some of our disadvantages and advantages that way. I'm not a psychologist nor a behaviourist, but personally, this method has helped me a lot in battling my weaknesses as a trader.

Having all the above in mind, let's look at some of the hottest series out there and their leading roles.

Killing Eve

A story about a secret agent Eve Polastri and her hunt for a female assassin with whom her paths collide in the most unlikely of ways. The plot is filled with different twists that will leave you either shocked or laughing your lungs out. I will do my best not to include any spoilers, but if you're looking for something "fresh" this BBC America show is your safe bet. Speaking of Eve and Villanelle (the female assassin) when watching the series, you'll see that it's undercut with a crazy journey of two women who are doing their best to carry out their jobs and, recover from different surprises that appear from around every corner they turn. If you feel like this storyline resonates with you as a trader, you might want to watch the show. Trust me when I say this, once you'll get into it you'll think I was mad to say that you can learn from it. Indeed, prepare yourself for a crazy one but, please take my advice and look at the overall power play to learn something from it.

The OA

This original Netflix series is a blend of Sci-fi, mystery and thriller. Personally, I'm not a big fan of science fiction, mystery nor thrillers, but there's something that strikes me about this show. Let me outline the plot, and we'll dive back into it. It's a story about a girl called Prairie or the OA, who goes missing and returns to her parents' home years later. Surprisingly she returns with healthy eyesight, as before her disappearance she was blind. Soon after we learn that the main character has paranormal abilities and is determined to use them to travel between different dimensions. I won't tell you more in case you want to see it, but what you might want to pay attention to while watching the show is the endurance of the OA. It reminds me of so many traders! Once we set our mind on something, it's so hard to let it go. This show is the best example to take from, and it's perfectly mindbending.

Santa Clarita Diet 

Another Netflix original. A comedy casting the brilliant Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant is a story about a realtors couple from Santa Clarita, California. Sheila (Drew Barrymore) dies to come back as a flesh-eating zombie. Despite the dangers of exposing herself by living within their community, the couple takes on a challenge to try and live a "normal" life. As much as the plot is filled with humorous twists and turns, it also shows the importance of family/friends support and a need for success. That's why I think it's relevant to us traders, we all need that backbone support, be it from our family, friends or a community of traders. Also, we all strive for success by dreaming about those 4 number profit traders. 

The Romanoffs 

A series from Amazon Video is a show that portrays stories of different people, all of which claim to be the descendants of the Romanoff royal family. Each episode is a different story with different characters. I won't say anything, because I do not want to spoil any of the episodes, but let me tell you that this show is a bit like forex. We all share a passion for the same thing, but we live different lives and have different stories. The characters being from the Romanoff family is like a metaphor for Forex trading. We might embrace it, curse it, but it's something we cannot deny about ourselves! This show allows you to look at yourself from a thousand different angles. I loved it! Keep in mind that watching shows that way makes it so much fun and makes it possible to analyse your trading behaviour by watching practically anything. Enjoy!