All the GoT fans are super hyped up as Season 8, episode 3 of their favourite show was aired last night with the long-awaited epic battle scene which has broken a historical record. Why historical record? Because GoT broke TV records for the longest filmed scene ever produced. The battle scene took 55 days, actually nights to film. Records aside!

Let's make way for some forex trading anecdotes. At some point all of us watching started to lose faith that the Starks and their allies will defeat the army of dead walkers and their Night King.  To our surprise, as the Night King intended to kill Bran Stark his sister, Arya appears out of nowhere and kills the Night King with a single stab, consequently saving Winterfell.

If you're wondering how any of it fits in with forex trading, let me explain. Emotions and strategy are essential in forex trading. That's practically all we see in this show. Different characters are expressing different personality traits that are vital to the future development of the plot. Their strategies are also somehow refined. And just like for us forex traders some of their characteristics and strategies are more successful than others.

Watching the epic battle made me think of forex trading. And I paid particular attention to the Night King. All major players who go all in we must be cautious, and the Night King was but didn't pay enough attention to detail.

As a forex trader you probably already know that details can be key to a successful trade. Let's imagine a scenario. You have all the risk management tools in place, you follow your strategy, and you're starting to feel invincible. Greed kicks in, and you can already see all the profits with the eyes of your imagination. You picture yourself spending all that money on the things you had planned but kept putting off, and then something unexpected happens and just like Arya kills your trade. You lose everything, literally, and there's no way you can pick yourself up because you took it a step further than you should have had and didn't think about the consequences.

Plans are fundamental, and every trader is happy to use their profits on things that they were planning for a long time. Same way as the Night King was planning on conquering Winterfell. We mustn't forget however that the devil is in the detail. We all have ambitions, and our emotions and strategies drive our trading plans, how it's up to you. If you're a wise trader, you'll know that forex isn't gambling and you'll ensure that your trade is not only planned but also prepared for the unexpected. At times you might have to adapt to a new market situation. What defines traders is not always how you enter the market but also how you exit.

The battle of Winterfell is the best example of how ignoring major players/events can bring you down. The Night King was overly confident at the end of the fight and didn't pay enough attention to his surroundings. It’s the same with trading! At times we're so sure that we're about the exit the market with a substantial profit that we miss that critical event that ruins everything. And that's not to say that you won't be able to pick yourself up, like Jamie Lannister on Jon Snow. Just make sure not to be like Night King who was so focused on winning that one event destroyed him forever.

Say bye bye to dead walkers folks and hello to Cersei! I presume that’s where Daenerys will head next. Do you think Cersei would make a good forex trader?